Can my car fail an MOT on its wiper blades?

MOT wiper blade fail

Believe it or not, wiper blades are the third highest reason for a car failing an MOT in the UK. Source UK Government Website.

Most people don’t check their wiper blades before taking their car for an MOT and then are disappointed to learn there car has failed. This normally means the inconvenience of making another appointment to have the car retested at a later date meaning more time of work or a wasted afternoon taking your car to the test station and waiting for the test to be completed.

If you car does fail on it’s wiper blades, the garage may offer to replace them for you. That’s great you may think, but be warned you will pay over the odds for this convenience. Garages will charge 50-60% extra to provide and fit the wiper blades for you and that’s if the have stock or you are prepared to wait for them to be delivered from the local motor factors.

Save time and money, do it yourself!

Why not save yourself all this hassle and check your wiper blades before the MOT. It’s simple to do and may save time and money. Remember wiper blade MOT failure is the third most common reason for a car to fail an MOT. Buying you wiper blades online will save you money. Don’t be tempted to go to your local car parts store, again you will be paying close to £40 for a set of wiper blades that could be purchased for around £20-£25 online. Most dedicated wiper blade online retailers offer fast delivery and some even next day but expect to pay a bit extra for next day delivery, hey, but still much cheaper than on the high street.

This is great, but how do I know if my wiper blades will fail or not?

wiper blades by bosch for all carsThe guidelines for the MOT tester is to fail the vehicle if the wiper blades fail to clear the screen. They will do a visual inspection of the blades to ensure they are not hanging off and clearly do not provide contact across the screen.

The first thing to do is to check your blades are clearing the screen adequately to provide clear vision. If its not raining, simply use you screen wash and ensure there are no areas of the screen that are missed due to the blade not making contact across the entire length of the wiper blade. Also check that there are no streaks or splitting and that you can’t hear and see the blades skipping across the screen, if you do then it’s probably safer to replace them as they have the potential to fail your car’s MOT.

Remember, even if your wiper blades are old and don’t look great, but they clear the screen fine, then they will not fail the MOT.

OK Great, but how do I know what wiper blades to buy and how do I fit them?

Don’t worry about getting the right blades and fitting is easy when you know how.

Choosing the right blades for your car can be done on most online websites by select the make, model and year of the vehicle click go and you are normally presented with either single blades or a MOT passtwin pack of wiper blades for both the drivers and passengers side. It’s normally a good idea to replace both at the same time and normally it’s not that much more to purchase the twin pack as opposed to just the one. Some websites allow you to enter you registration number and then returns the wiper blades for you car. Sites that offer this facility are normally larger car spares websites that are not a price competitive as the dedicated wiper blade websites. You could always use a site that allows you to enter your registration and find the model number for the wiper blades and then do a Google search for the specific model number. ie Bosch A016S.

Wiper Blade ArmsWiper blades come with many different types of fitting, but don’t worry, you don’t need to know what one you need as this is all taken care of when you select your make, model and year.

Once you have your new wiper blades you will need to fit them or you could just ask the garage who is doing the MOT to fit them for you. It only takes a few seconds and I’m sure they will be happy to do this for no charge. Alternatively, this is so easy to do yourself once you see how to do it. Firstly you need to identify the connector type and head over to YouTube to see how it’s done. The best YouTube channel that shows very clearly how to fit all the different types of connector is Bosch wiper blades themselves, click the link below to see just how easy it is.

Bosch wiper blade fitting videos

So in summary, yes you car can fail it’s MOT for wiper blades that do not clear the windscreen and frequently do. So, save yourself the hassle and check them before hand, if in doubt replace them before the MOT to save yourself time and money.

If you have your own experience or advice or would like to comment please feel free to do so below.

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