About Bosch Wiper Blades Technology

Bosch, the largest OE supplier of bracketless wiper blades is launching an exciting new aftermarket program of ultimate performance, bracketless windshield wiper blades. Called Bosch Aerotwin, the blade features a unique bracketless design, a patented Quick-Clip connector system, and integrated aerodynamic wind spoiler. The enclosed steel tension springs greatly reduce the amount of exposed steel brackets and joints, providing improved resistance for perfect driving visibility, even in the worst weather conditions.

bosch aero wipers

The integrated wind spoiler encloses the dual precision-tensioned steel springs. This combination of the bracketless product design, internal tension springs and wind spoiler allows the blade to hug the windshield and wipe smoothly, evenly and quietly for a perfect wipe every time.

Based On Established OE Technology
“Bosch Aerotwin” wiper blades represent the most advanced wiper blade technology. The Aerotwin is a recipient of three industry awards, including the Automotive News 2002 PACE award.

Bosch Developed First Electric Wiper System
A pioneer and innovator in automotive technology, Bosch has been a leader in windshield wiper systems for more than 75 years. Bosch developed the first electric windshield wiper system in 1926, and has been responsible for many new developments in wiper technology, including the first intermittent windshield wiper in 1971 and the two-component wiper blade element in 1994.

Today, Bosch operates the world’s largest windshield wiper factory in Tienen, Belgium. This facility produces 350,000 windshield wipers every day, and manufactures 700 different types of blades. Today, Bosch is the largest OE manufacturer of bracketless wiper blades with over 33 million blades placed into service.