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The Bosch Multi-Clip Wiper Types of Connectors and Attachments Used

Small part, big impact: the clip that connects the wiper arm with the wiper blade often causes confusion for drivers, as even within a model series, some car manufacturers use different interfaces. The new Bosch multi-clip, multi-function adapter clears up any confusion and allows the wiper blade to be fitted quickly and easily. This new interface adapter, developed by Bosch engineers, fits the various types of wiper arm featured on the major car models around the world. The multi-clip is preinstalled on the Bosch Aerotwin wiper and allows the wiper blade to be changed quickly and easily. The interface with the multi-clip remains the same; the only distinguishing feature is now the length of the wiper blade. This makes it easier for customers to pick out the right wiper.


The new multi-clip covers four different toplock and sidelock interfaces. The multi-clip will be put into use on Bosch Aerotwin series wipers. DIY drivers often found it difficult to find out which wiper was compatible with which adapter. The Aerotwin with multi-clip now fits all versions of a series, so mix-ups are virtually impossible and customers can easily select the right wiper from the shelf without the need for advice.

Bosch Wiper Fitting Instructions

Identifying Which Type of Wiper Arm Connector Your Vehicle Has